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monster pop slot

Betsoft has released Monster Pop, a slot game which has cinematic quality with a funny monster theme. It has humorous gameplay, high-quality sounds, bonus features etc which will keep you hooked to this slot game. The monster pop slot has flawless animation with features like Oracle Eye Wilds, Monster Cloner, The Flaming Sphere, Monster fury which helps in winning the jackpot.

Theme and Design

Various coloured grotesque monsters are features in Monster Pop’s reel area in a 5X5 formation. You can find drooling purple oddities, grinning yellow crabs, beaming orange aliens, and infuriated reddish bats, to mention a few. These cartoonish monsters fall down on to the reel every time there is a winning cluster, which is of 4-of-a-kind. This will leave empty spaces on the reel and other creature drops from the top. Which leads to multiple wins.


This Betsoft slot game is compatible on all device like android, IOS, Mobile device, Iphone, Ipad etc. It can be accessed from all browsers and operating systems.

Rules and Betting

The most primary controls are at the bottom of the grid. While a linear middle part gives you a total of 11 bet sizes ranging from $0.25 to $250. The 2 circular buttons on the right give you either the choice of taking one spin or back-to-back auto-spins.

The betting range of this slot is $0.25 to $250 and the maximum payout is 1921.12 x bet. It has the RTP of 97.07%.


Oracle Eye Wilds

Oracle Wild Eye appeared on the reel along with the monsters. It is colourful, which appears on the grid from time to time. Although it’s doesn’t do anything on its own, it just substitutes the monsters on the reel to help them combine in 4 and build the winning clusters. It has the potential to build bigger and bigger clusters for a huge win.

Clone your Monsters

Monster Clone symbol is worth different prizes, whenever this symbol appears on the reels it explodes and expands the grid horizontally, vertically or both. It duplicates the rows and columns to form a 13×13 grid. This can lead to winning combinations, additionally producing an oracle wild symbol increases more chances of winning.

Whenever a star-like monster appears it triggers prizes of up to 400 times x your bet.

Monster Fury

The Monster Fury feature can be initiated when your losing or you have any non-winning cascade. Monster will get angry when you are losing and it help you by spreading monster cloners on randomly on the grid or by grouping together identical monsters for winning clusters.

The Flaming Sphere

The feature is triggers free spins when you have 3 or more flaming sphere symbol. With at least 3 flaming sphere symbol you can activate 7 free spins and retrigger extra free spin if you have more symbols. i.e. 3 symbols = 10 free spins, 4 = 11, 5 = 12, 6 = 13, e.t.c. Here, the reel keeps expanding and more Monster Cloners appear and the game does not reset and you will get additional free spins every time you get a flaming sphere.

Monster Pop is a video slot with simple 2D design, 5×5 layout and cartoonish theme. It provides excellent features like Monster Cloner, Monster Fury, Oracle Wild Eye etc which has the potential in helping in winning big. It has an RTP of 97.07% with house edge 3.33%, which interest both lower waging players and high wagering players.

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